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( It's MONEY to the 64th power!)

This site will allow you to manage your finances and keep track of your money, online. You can track your expenses, set up a budget, track your assets and stocks, everything. The main advantage of this site over other "money" sites is you don't have to LINK your peronsal bank accounts! I never really trusted that, and I couldn't find a good site to do what I wanted, so I wrote my own.

The idea is to have a place where you can enter your personal or business transactions online, from anywhere in the world: home, at work, in a hotel room: you can manage your finances anywhere that you can get on the internet! This is a free service.

The main way is different from the other online financial services is that the other services, although free, require you to link your bank accounts. This service requires NO linking. You just start using it. It's as simple as that. Also, it's all very user-friendly and intuitive, with no fancy graphics: plain old screens load faster! In order to balance your accounts and credit cards, you just copy/paste from your account online screens into the Money64 system. So we don't need any of your account numbers .

Credit card management if you have a lot of credit cards
One thing that I've developed in this system are features to handle multiple credit cards. Some things you can do:
Custom Program changes We also do custom changes to the program to suit your needs at a very reasonable price. This could include new reports, or new input screens. Just email for information. is 100% free!

We use very FEW graphics or images for the fastest page loads possible. Yes, our pages are a little ugly, but the main goal is to load the page FAST to get your data entered quickly and get it DONE.
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Custom Programming

One benefit of our site is the custom modifications to the programs: new reports, new fields, and so on. If you have a special need, many times we can accomodate it in the system for free, if we feel it will benefit the majority of our users. If it is very specific to your needs, we can also add extra reports, fields, and options for a small custom programming fee.

Web Site Graphics

We don't use any graphics for fancy web page decorations or techniques. Our goal is speed of use. You want to input your financial transactions as quickly as possible and get back to life. Fancy graphics and web techniques just slow down the pages.

We also want to support the lowest common denominator of web browser. This means you don't need the latest browser or the latest operating system to use this site. Any old browser will work.

The only time we do get fancy is in implementing "hot keys". We use "hot keys" to speed up data entry: again, this is built for speed, not looks. To implement the hot keys, we use a little bit of somewhat fancy Javascript. This should work in almost any browser, but if you are on a very old browser, the only drawback will be that the hot keys don't work.

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